Natural Wellbeing Solutions with SimpleCBD

We are all seeking solutions. At the heart of our wellness goals is a desire to just feel better and recover more naturally and swiftly from our physical ailments and conditions. We are resilient human beings but sometimes we do need extra support to recover and restore ourselves!

CBD or better known as cannabidiol is increasing in its popularity as a simple, natural and effective solution to our aches and pains. CBD is a compound found in cannabis, but it is the compound that does not produce mind-altering effects.



CBD is the major non-psychoactive component of cannabis; its healing properties are beneficial for relieving pain, inflammation, and improving joint mobility- so it can really help Arthritis sufferers and potentially help alleviate other conditions such as diabetes and improve our heart health.

CBD originates from Hemp- the least processed form of cannabis and it is hemp plants that are used in the process of making or extracting CBD oil. The basis of how CBD works to alleviate physical pains and aches is through attaching to certain receptors- primarily in our brain. It can have many potential uses for this reason.

Here we find out a little more about CBD and how SimpleCBD are paving the way forward in natural CBD products to help you heal.



SimpleCBD bring you one of the oldest healing products in the world, made by people you trust.

Their CBD oil is made from high-CBD hemp strains and is unlike medical marijuana products, which are usually made from plants with high concentrations of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

SimpleCBD has teamed with industry leaders in Cannabidiol manufacturing to create naturally THC-free bases from which we produce all of our products.  This enables the user to enjoy the myriad of amazing effects and qualities CBD has to offer without the "high" that normally comes with Marijuana. 

All of their Cannabidiol (CBD) products start with organic, non-GMO, hemp grown in the USA and is processed using no chemicals, solvents or harsh extracting methods. The result is CBD of the highest quality and consistency available anywhere.



Here’s more on the SimpleCBD story

“SimpleCBD” began in Hood River Oregon in early 2017, a partnership and concept between two friends Gabriel Head and Craig Graffius with little capital and big ideas to help people naturally. Here is their story as spoken by Gabe H Simple from SimpleCBD.

I think we started with less than 40 thousand, and an ambitious product line. In the beginning, we offered vape carts, terpene rich dabs, raw isolate, sour gummies, capsules, infused olive oils for cooking, honey sticks, and a salve.

Now in late 2018, we have settled into our core line aimed at the healthier applications of CBD. The salve, honey sticks, sour Gummies, cooking oil and capsules remain, plus we have added the following:

  • Omega-rich toasted Hemp Seeds

  • 1000mg & 3000mg tincture in organic MCT coconut oil

  • A 500mg lotion in a base we source from a local Organic manufacturer.

This lotion has proven to help all sorts of issues from post surgery and knee pain to sore muscles after a hard work out or long days work. There is also a beverage line underway, so stay tuned...!

Something for your pets at SimpleCBD




The best sales have come from our new CBD Pet Line. We offer a 500mg and 1000mg pet tincture as well as gluten-free all human grade peanut-butter pumpkin dog treats w 5mg in each treat, these come in various pack sizes. The response from pet owners everywhere has been amazing.

The SimpleCBD Way

The plan with Simple CBD was always to offer the highest quality product we can without using any unnatural or unnecessary ingredients or fillers, thus the name SimpleCBD and the motto “Simply pure, naturally effective”

We work closely with two organic Hemp farms and their direct processors to ensure the raw Cannabidiol is always of the highest quality, we never source from China or other countries. We require current COA (certificates of analysis) from all of our source manufacturers. All of our raw CBD oils concentrate and isolate are cold processed without the use of harsh chemical extraction methods.

We are a couple of humble guys doing our best to help people and the planet in any way we can.

So in a nutshell that’s the SimpleCBD story, Craig and I are keeping busy with our newest venture Eco Glass Straws. With cities and whole countries banning plastic straws, it’s been a very busy year. We have been featured in several TV news programs and major newspapers around the country; Bloomberg magazine did a feature and the Washington Post called just this morning!

We, at SimpleCBD, are dedicated to helping you through our products and appreciate your interest… we are here to help, just let us know! Find out more through SimplyCBD

Natural Tinctures at CBD

  • Organic MCT coconut oil and SimpleCBD tinctures are products that can be taken orally or vaped in your favorite pen.

  • SimpleCBD uses only non-GMO and organically derived CBD, which has been cold extracted without the use of chemicals.

  • This CBD tincture is available in 1000mg and 3000mg/30ml bottles


Natural Salves at CBD



The Topical salve can be a much-needed restoration to muscle aches and pain.

  • Available in1 oz. 50mg CBD Topical Salve

  • A convenient carry size to be used topically for all your body aches and pains!

  • The skate logo topical salve is a pocket-size CBD salve. It’s great for sore muscles after all those hard landings knock or falls.

  • The kiteboarding Logo is a natural topical with full spectrum hemp oil to help ease those sore muscles after a long day on the water!


Teaser! Coconut Lemon Aid…

SimpleCBD is also bringing a new line of wellness drinks to the health and fitness market!

Coconut Lemon Aid will comprise the potent combination of Alkame’s specially formulated Oxygenated water; Nano-ultra emulsified organic Hemp Cannabidiol and pure natural coconut water. Nano-Ultra CBD is micronized to allow cellular level absorption that no other cannabidiol beverage is currently offering.

Each of these unique Ingredients offers its own set of health benefits, offering increased absorption and maximum results. Wellness has never been so easy or tasted so good!


Here are some of the potential benefits Coconut Lemon Aid will offer!

  • Detoxifying rejuvenation, rapid hydration and promotes PH balance

  • Boosts immune support and is electrolyte enhanced for fast muscle recovery

  • Fluoride-free!

  • High in antioxidants

  • Aid in weight reduction and helps boost metabolism

  • Help to balance sugar levels

Stay connected with SimpleCBD for further updates on Coconut Lemon Aid!

SimpleCBD connects you with the highest quality CBD products and delivers them to you fast, wherever you are. They ship to all 50 states and the rest of the world. You can order direct with confidence using their secure checkout and there is also a money back guarantee!