Simple CBD Coconut Lemon Aid

The future of health and hydration!
Simple Beverages is an Oregon based CBD company bringing a new line of wellness drinks to market, with the potent combination of Alkame’s specially formulated oxygenated water, pure natural coconut water, and 25mg Nano emulsified organic hemp cannabidiol. Each of these unique ingredients brings its own set of health benefits, offering increased absorption and maximum results. Wellness has never been so easy or tasted so good!

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Alkame oxygenated H2O benefits:

Detoxifying rejuvenation
Rapid Hydration
Promotes PH balance
Boosts metabolism
Boosts immune support
Electrolyte enhanced
Fast muscle recovery
Fluoride free

Nano CBD benefits

USA grown
Organic Hemp
Rapid intake
Cellular absorption
Reduces inflammation
Pain relieving
Aids muscle recovery
THC - Free

Coconut water benefits

Potassium, Magnesium rich
Reduces cholesterol
High in antioxidants
Aids in weight reduction
Tastes delicious
Balances sugar levels
Slow aging / Cytokinin rich
High in calcium