Be well. Get refreshed.

Simple CBD’s Coconut Lemon Aid is our new line of wellness drinks! With the potent combination of Alkame’s specially formulated oxygenated water, pure natural coconut water, and 25mg of nano emulsified organic hemp cannabidiol. Each of these unique ingredients brings its own set of health benefits, offering increased absorption and maximum results. Wellness has never been so easy or tasted so good!

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Alkame Water:

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CBD Goodness…Nano sized.

Each one of our signature SimpleCBD Coconut Lemon Aid bottles comes with 25mg of CBD isolate. We’ve worked with our partners to incorporate our CBD product through liposomes, or tiny, nano-emulsified vesicles, to maximize the impact of our product for your health and wellness needs. This means that each one of our drinks is absorbed to its maximum each time due in part to our administration. Too, we’ve added electrolytes for optimal hydration, and we’ve chosen the most natural sweetener for your health needs, pure cane sugar.